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Step into Nature's Embrace

Forest Therapy immersive experiences 

Urban walks - Bush meanders - Children's Nature Play - Rural retreats

Group and corporate team offsite walks to create connection and calm 

Contact directly to book your walk or find out more about group or children's walks

What are Wild Wanders? 

What: Forest Therapy walks  we blend physical and mental activities in beautiful natural settings.  Explore urban and wild landscapes with walks ranging from 2 hours to weekend retreats. Reconnect, recharge and discover your inner peace.

Why: In today's fast-paced and high-pressure society stress, anxiety and depression have become increasingly prevalent. Wild Wanders uses the practice of Forest Therapy to foster contemplative immersion in nature and improve health and well-being. 

Who: Your guide at Wild Wanders, Julia Champtaloup, is a Certified and Accredited Forest Therapy Guide from the International Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance (INFTA).  She also holds a basic first aid certificate and a working with children check. She also has public liability insurance cover. To read more about Forest Therapy, visit Forest Therapy Hub.

Forest Therapy Benefits 

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Studies have found that forest therapy significantly reduces cortisol levels, the primary stress hormone. It lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and stress-related nervous activity.

Boosts Mood and Mental Well-Being

The natural chemicals emitted by the trees ignite happy hormones such as dompamine and serotonin, leading to an improved mood and increased feelings of happiness. 

Enhances Focus and Concentration

Forest therapy brings our attention back to the present moment and the natural environment. This practice enhances focus and concentration and helps to calm busy minds. 

Increased Energy


Many who engage in regular forest bathing report feeling more energetic and rejuvenated. Combining fresh air, physical activity, and time in nature can work wonders to uplift your mood and boost energy levels.

Immerse yourself in one of our walks 

Contact us to create your own experience 


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Forest Therapy Walk

Wild Wanders

Participate in our guided Forest Therapy walks  offering a blend of physical and mental activities. From quiet urban areas to serene forest settings, walks are carefully chosen to reflect the season and conditions. 

Forest Therapy Corporate event

Corporate Events

Wild Wanders experiences can be customised to suit your business needs, offering a path to reduce stress, enhance mood, enhance concentration and foster stronger bonds among team members. 

Forest Therapy Retreat


Regular retreats are held in  picturesque settings, where we extend invitations to guests to completely immerse themselves, disconnect from their bustling routines, and fully embrace the beauty of nature.


Corporate team event

Blue Mountains 

I felt more calm, centered and energized after the walk.
I didn’t expect to find it so rewarding and fulfilling!


Corporate team event

Blue Mountains

My highlight was being encouraged to reflect and to spend time with my work team in a relaxing atmosphere. 

The walk was amazing and unexpected. I loved it so much! 


Blackbird Investments  Sydney 

It was a beautiful and sensory experience! We had lots of positive feedback from the team. 


 Sydney &

Blue Mountains 

It was a challenge for me, to slow down my walking pace, but ultimately it was satisfying!
I felt more energized and grounded after the walk.


Sydney & Bronte 

I loved spending time with a venerable old tree.


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