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Looking for ways to navigate this complicated, frenzied and noisy world?

A Simpler Life considers how we might achieve simplicity in our relationships, social lives, work routines and our approaches to possessions and media. Along the way, we learn about Zen Buddhism, modernist architecture, monasteries, psychoanalysis, and why we probably don’t need more than three good friends or a few treasured belongings.

In an age when people are in search of new and more fulfilling experiences to replace screens and bring families together, 100 Things to do in a Forest offers ways to connect with nature and discover the benefits of forest fun. From bushcraft activities like whittling and firelighting to spiritual pursuits like forest bathing and meditation, here are activities for people of all ages, helping them to connect with forests and woodlands, while discovering the healing and restorative benefits of a life lived outdoors.

In Wild Mind, Wild Earth, David Hinton explores modes of seeing and being that could save the planet by reestablishing a deep kinship between human and the insights of primal cultures and Zen Buddhism. This offers hope and beauty—but like so many of us, Hinton recognizes the sixth extinction is now an inexorable and perhaps unstoppable tragedy. And he reveals how those primal/Zen insights enable us to inhabit even the unfurling catastrophe as a profound kind of liberation.


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