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Walk Experiences 

Within the enchanting settings of each walking destination, we craft a personalised and truly unique journey. Guided by a Certified Forest therapist, we traverse easy to navigate but diverse landscapes – from serene bushlands to wild paths and vibrant watershed areas alive with birdlife and insects. Moments of tranquil reflection and creative and sensory activities offer respite to even the busiest minds.

As you wander, your senses will awaken to hidden treasures that lie along the path, forging a profound connection both with the natural world and your fellow participants. The beauty of the walks lies in their accessibility, welcoming participants of all fitness levels.


Amid the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, a guided nature walk emerges as a powerful conduit to reconnect, not just with ourselves, but with the captivating world of nature. Guided Forest Therapy walks seamlessly blend a tapestry of physical and mental activities.

Our walks typically span a distance of 2-5 kilometers and last approximately 2-3 hours, culminating in a delightful communal outdoor tea. Join us on this remarkable journey and let nature's embrace soothe your soul.


Book your walk here or contact us to curate your own walk experience. (Coming soon)

Forest Therapy walk
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