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The benefits of reading nature when we take a walk outdoors

When we spend more time in nature, slowing down and letting go, we can start to hone our senses and begin to observe nature more closely.

Our minds can go from from labelling to observing. We start to realise that we can only notice more when we slow down.

A short walk becomes a long walk. Time expands as we take in micro habitats and appreciate the simple beauty of nature along the way.

We can start to build our recall through observation exercises. When we take time to remember and record mentallly what we saw we become more in tune with our surroundings and subtle changes.

We start to create small habits of noticing: landscape, location, changes in the season, light, shadows and sounds.

No two events or walks or moments are the same. Experiencing and observing nature changes us, helps to ground us and teaches us the lessons of slowing down and observing.


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