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Explore Nature Connection Nexus - a vital resource created by Project Regeneration

Many people in industrialized societies have become physically separated and emotionally disconnected from nature in their daily lives, with serious consequences for both human well-being and planetary health. Nearly 60 percent of humanity – over four billion people – live in cities. Some people spend 90 percent of their day indoors and in front of screens, a condition particularly prevalent among children and young people.

Disconnection has society-wide effects, including an ignorance of the natural systems that sustain us, a lack of empathy for non-humans, a perception of nature as a resource without intrinsic value, and a resistance to environmental justice.

Regenerating our relationship with nature can improve our health, enhance cognitive function, boost our immune systems, and reduce stress. Reconnection can foster regenerative attitudes and behaviors that benefit the Earth.

Diverse solutions exist at all levels of agency, from daily practices by individuals to integrating nature connections across education, health, urban design, conservation, and social policy. Traditional and Indigenous cultures are deeply connected to nature, and their diverse experiences can provide inspiration and examples.And check out their newsletter


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