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Dandelions, wild garlic and the underworld of fungi and mycelium.

From dandelions in spring to sloe berries in autumn, wild garlic, samphire, chanterelles and even grasshoppers, the British countryside is full of edible delights in any season. John Wright is an expert in foraging and brings decades of experience to this seasonal guide. Follow the seasons (northern hemisphere), get tips on kit you can use anywhere + conservation advice and what to avoid.

Dig into some wonderful nature writing and enjoy foraging from your armchair or out in the wilds of the British countryside.

In this captivating adventure, Merlin Sheldrake explores the spectacular and neglected world of fungi: endlessly surprising organisms that sustain nearly all living systems.

Entangled Life is a mind-altering journey into this hidden kingdom of life, and shows that fungi are key to understanding the planet on which we live, and the ways we think, feel and behave. The more we learn about fungi, the less makes sense without them.

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